Brave Browser Pop Up OUT OF CONTROL Bye Bye!

I switched to Brave about 2 months ago. It started out great. However I am now experiencing the worst popups I have ever experienced from any previous browser I was using. In the past week alone every time, I open a link or a new tab I have gotten 10-12 popups from various offenders. I have added 50 websites to the browser popup exclusion list almost always with no results. I have to honestly say that this is the absolute worst experience I have ever witnessed. There is no way to get in touch with the service tech, no reply on outreach forums nothing! After using Microsoft, f
Firefox, edge, and google this one takes the cake. It started great and then went to S–t. If anyone can help I would appreciate it, if not bye bye!


Try . . .

In a Brave Browser > New Window, go to: brave://settings/content

Scroll down to Additional permissions . . . and set:

  • Protocol handlers: Don't allow sites to handle protocols
  • File editing: Don't allow sites to edit files or folders on your device
  • Clipboard: Don't allow sites to see text or images on your clipboard
  • Window placement: Don't allow sites use info about your screens to open and place windows

Scroll down to Content . . . and set:

  • Pop-ups and redirects: Don't allow sites to send pop-ups or use redirects

Go to: brave://settings/cookies

  • Enable: Block third-party cookies
  • Disable: Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows
  • Remove all: Sites that clear cookies when you close them

Go to: brave://settings/clearBrowserData

For tab Basic - set:

  • Time range:All time
  • Enable: Browsing history
  • Enable: Cookies and other site data (Signs you out of most sites)
  • Enable: Cached images and files

Click on the ‘Clear data’ button.

Exit / Quit Brave Browser

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Thank you. I have completed your recommendation. Appreciate it. As I am answering, Brave just opened another 6 tabs on my browser. All from the same master .com which is The tabs open but now no content. So it helps a little!
Thanks again


I am thankful that I had a lot of Aggressive/Strict settings enabled in Brave Browser, prior to visiting

Possibly by your visiting that website or unknowingly encountering some script related to that website . . . and said script was somehow downloaded to your computer . . . that possibly, maybe-script has arranged for the hatching of tabs.

I used a Brave Browser > New Private Window and ran Developer Tools while visiting that website, but nothing showed in Developer Tools. So, I took extra measures to block and thwart the domain.

You know that’s contradictory, right? You’re saying that you’re excluding websites from adblock? So you want them to show you ads. Then you’re complaining that they are producing ads? It’s possible I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying, so do correct me if I’m seeing that wrong.

What did you install on your device? Most likely you permitted cookies from a website, installed an extension to Brave that’s doing it, or have some form of malware on the device.

Interesting. I clicked and had no issues. It showed that Brave blocked 3 elements on that site. I had no pop-ups or anything.

Can you share a screenshot of one of the pop-ups you see and the resulting site it opens? Additionally, I was also able to open the above site without any pop-ups or other issues apearing.

No. Brave allows you to add pop-up and pop-up tabs to a list that should prevent pop-ups from occurring. It does not affect ad blockers. Besides, I have an additional Ad Blocker installed in my system but that is for pop ads not for pop-out tabs.

How did you stop the driftstreams from opening? Or did you stop it?

Didn’t. It still opens

Have a great day
Michael Srulie Rosner


How to edit ‘hosts’ file - Windows OS:

On the Windows OS machine, enter: there is at least 1 SPACE character (usually 4 SPACE characters) between the local IP address and

How to edit ‘hosts’ file - Mac OS:

On the Mac, enter: there is a TAB character (as a space area) between the local IP address and

In a Brave Browser > New Window, go to: brave://settings/cookies

Scroll down that settings page, to Sites that can never use cookies

Click the Add button

Enter [*.] as the site . . . but Do Not Enable:

  • Current Private session only
  • Including third-party cookies on this site

Click the Add button

Next, go to: brave://settings/content/javascript

Scroll down that javascript settings page to Not allowed to use javascript

Click the Add button

Enter [*.] as the site . . . but Do Not Enable:

  • Current Private session only

Click the Add button


IF you are using a Brave Browser version older than v1.41.96, then go to: brave://adblock

Scroll to the bottom and in the frame area where you can add your own AdBlock rules, enter: ||^

IF you are using the latest Brave Browser version 1.41.96, then go to brave://settings/shields/filters and enter: ||^

Next, go to: brave://settings/security

  • DISABLE: Use secure DNS

Because, the ‘hosts’ file might be ignored, when using ‘secure DNS’ - that has seemed to be the case, sometimes.

TIP: other sources of trouble:

  • [*.]
  • [*.]

Windows OS users

Monitor network activity – NetLimiter 4:

You can block the source.

Brave Sync might be re-introducing the problem. I am uncertain; and, I do not use Brave Sync.

I much prefer to NOT use IPFS: brave://settings/ipfs . . . but IPFS is favored by Brave - something to do with one or more of: Brave Rewards, BAT, crypto-stuff.

I do not use Brave Browser as the default Internet browser; but I most often use Brave Browser - for Privacy and Security.

I would not set Brave Browser to launch - as a user’s Login Option, nor at machine Startup.

I do not use TABS as a routine; instead, Brave Browser windows.

I almost always use Brave Browser > New Private Window; and, no Dashboard. I am uncertain about, what Dashboard settings or any other settings, that would favor TABS and New Page TABS (NTP).

Lastly, you may be comfortable with revealing your full name, here, at this very public forum, the Brave Community, but I wish that you would not reveal your name and other personal info.

I oppose the:

  • analytics
  • burrowing
  • fingerprinting
  • footprinting
  • hacking
  • info mining
  • intruding
  • snooping
  • tagging
  • tracking

that is fashionable and an obession of, by, and for the benefit of, website OWNERS - who would seriously object to such invasions of their own Privacy and concerns about Security, that I expect of them and everybody on the Internet.

I am not perfect about my own online activity - I find that, in order to visit and Sign In at some websites, am I stuck with allowing as a source for Google’s reCAPTCHA. Also, I have used Google’s YouTube in order to learn about SARS medical matters.

But, I do try to reduce all the other ‘opportunities’, that are allowed by Internet users much more abundant interest in convenience.

Wish you well, in your endeavor to preserve your Privacy and Security.