An option to turn off all Brave browser pop-ups

I know I sound cold here, but, I really would appreciate the option. And, no disrespect to anyone.

Pop-ups such as for the ‘wayback machine’ or any other communication that the Brave organisation would possibly want to make via a pop-up, right below the address bar or anywhere else on the browser.

When a website does this, I use a content blocker to block them off, because in my opinion, if you wish to contact me, you do so via medium dedicated specifically for it and not just pop-up out of nowhere.

I see the browser as a tool, to access websites with different features, and that is all. I want it to be a tool dedicated to the fullfilment and enhancement of just that purpose. And contacting me via a pop-up is NOT doing that. You send me an email or something if you want to contact me.

No offense to anyone here.

Could you give some examples of messages you are getting from Brave? I get none.

Just a thought, I believe that if you disable notifications you do not receive any.
Check this out:

A while ago, I received one. Don’t exactly remember what it was, but, I think it was regarding sending optional diagnostic data or something. Maybe it was for the ‘daily usage ping’.