Browser pop ups on laptop

ok, so I installed the brave browser,and was working great the 1st few days, then suddenly I start getting like these repeat pop up ads in the lower right corner, 1 or two occasionaly at first,and they were somewhat random, now what happens is when I get the pop ups, the same one will pop up 3 times in a row, then sometimes I will get another group of 3 identical ads, then it will stop for anywhere from an hour to a few hours, then the same thing again. Right now all i can do is keep closing them out.

Thanks for reaching out!
Looks like you’re seeing our recently released Brave Ads feature working as intended :slight_smile:

See the following to learn more exactly about what these are and how to use them:

What are “Brave Ads”?
Help Center – Ads FAQ
Help Center – How to configure Ads

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