Brave Browser - Metamask Hacked

I know that support isn’t going to do anything, because they keep telling ppl that they have interacted with bad links…
But I just want to confirm with others who may have questions, that I was also hacked after installing Brave.
The wallet in question, does not have any contract interactions that provided approval for access to my wallet.
The person listed my NFT’s for auction, and then transferred all of my eth out.
This never happed when I used Chrome, and I don’t use this wallet to mint anything.
Because the person was able to list, and transfer eth, it means that they have access to my private keys.
Please stay clear of Brave if you are dealing with Crypto of any sort.
Brave support does not seems to help, nor will they reimburse.

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True, and newer returned crypto back.

@scarlettkitty I can understand your agony. I also suffered this recently. And lesson learnt is to always be mindful of the site/Dapp where you approving the transaction (transfer, mint, list etc.) from your wallet. Double check the URL (do some online searches) especially when you are there for the first time.

And this is not a fault of Brave Wallet and can happen in any other wallet. Happened with me in Phantom wallet (Solana). I’m not sure whether such an illicit transaction can reveal private keys of the account to the site/Dapp. Will have to tag @Mattches @Evan123 for more info.

Also, I would like a place on every network (Solana, Matic, Ethereum etc.) where users can report fraudulent sites/Dapps and can get them blocked. I’m yet to find a place where I can report the fraudulent transaction on Solana that I faced. Not sure if it exists.

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