Wallet hacked ? How could it happen?

Hello guys, I ask this here because I can’t find anything online. Basically last night someone stole my funds using my crypto wallet (integrated in Brave browser), how is that possible ? Never shared 12-words, never shared private key etc… I only got a strange email coming from binance saying successful login (I have both 2 factor authentication on ) and then puff! All my funds are gone. Could someone help me understand why ? Thank you

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that Brave has anything to do with the stolen funds or the strange Binance email.

We do not store the type of information that would result in stolen login info and/or a sign-in confirmation email – instead we store a temporary access token, which would be very hard for an attacker to obtain from afar. Further, even accessing that token would not result in a “sign-in” attempt as the token doesn’t involve that kind of authentication.

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