Blockchain wallet hacked

Thanks brave browser my blockchain wallet has been hacked.
I was recieving a small amount of btc on my wallet and decided to check it. When i logged in the blockchain paned started to reload fast and then i got my wallet empty in like 10 seconds. I didn’t even manage to realise what happed that moment and then I was shocked.
I strongly do not recommend to use this malware browser. Obviously my topic will be deleted.

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Did you get this sorted or did you lose all your money permanently?
… Why malware?
i seriously want to know. hope all works out

why malware? because i used another browser before this happened to me and then i switched to brave (worst decision) and for some reason i wanted to log in my blockchain wallet with brave. this was the first and the last time.
eveything is fine on any other browser i repeat.
i got my blockchain empty in 10 seconds told ya.

Crypto newbie here. Just curious. Did you check the address for whatever blockchain you are using to see if it shows a balance? For example, you can check Ethereum Blockchain addresses at

Take calm and think that baseless accusations against an honest project is not cool.

Perhaps your lack of experience has exposed your security, how using the ipfs tool without sufficient knowledge of the environment may have compromised your information and you have not managed it correctly or you have simply confused a simple function such as crossing your wallets between networks, for example Ethereum to Bsc or vice versa, very likely. Plus, you used another browser that although closed may have tracked it in the background execution.

Be that as it may, collect all possible information about the event and go to the support centers of each involved, it’s much more productive than the exposure of your drama.

Have a nice life!

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i have nor time neither energy to describe how wrong u are
i wonder when ppl realise how unsecured “the most secured” browsers really are
i don’t take my word back, its malware - its up to u guys who read this topic to continue to use this or just don’t make such cringe mistakes like i did
good luck

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