Brave browser light client support?

Anybody in the community here working on an ethereum light client build that can live within Brave + as part of the new Brave Wallet? Figured with the recent wallet product release, it would be a good opportunity to potentially move away from just relying on RPCs like infura, etc

@randomishwalk If you have up to an hour to listen, you may want to check Btw, I think maybe what you’re specifically asking is kind addressed around 30:30

The reason being, they kind of covered some of that, as well as their plans to introduce NFCs along with gaming and all. Also to say they are making progress on Pay with BAT and other things. So there’s a LOT of stuff they are looking at doing.

I wish I had a better reply for you, but I’m still learning all this stuff. Like when they say L2, I have no idea what that is. Ideally, you may want to listen to the whole thing.