Crypto wallet + ad support in EU + Telegram chat

Hi there. I am very sad, that few months ago you cancelled the chat option in your telegram group. Response over there was immediate, so I hope, I will get answer also here. I have a few questions:

When do you plan to add an integrated crypto wallet to android/iOS version?

  • why am I asking? I am developing a dapp and only browser that supports the direct communication with crypto wallet is Opera. On the other side, Opera is not able to listen Ethereum events through web3.js, but Brave is. So there is a trade-off, which browser to use, I like Brave more, because you have also an affiliate program with BAT tokens. So pls, tell us when will you add an fully functional crypto wallet, thanks.

When can we expect an ad support in EU (particularly in Slovakia)?

  • on early days of brave browser, the announced date was december 2019, nowadays, we are here and no ad support yet. So when can we expect it?

Do you ever plan to return to telegram chat group?

  • I think that was great that we could communicate directly with Brave staff, ask questions and get answers almost immediately. A very few products has this kind of support and that feature definitely distinguished you from other market players. I was also inspired with this idea and I am adding this kind of community support to my own dapp. So will we see this great feature be live again?