Why is brave network so slow

Its all to often that " NEW TECH " will change the world but its seems that BRAVE browser mission to to achieve that is lacking ONE MAJOR issue that i think HOLDS back the mass users ( Wallet PAYOUT TIME and only UPHOLD wallet to connect ).

Is there any progress on BRAVE being able to process BAT live as well as ENABLE MULTI WALLET connection ?


The entire rewards system is very problematic. Brave on Windows, Android and my daughter’s Android are all slow or problematic. Yet I can send TRX and XRP in seconds from wallet to wallet or even Binance to wallet. If a crypto wallet provider had these problems then nobody would use it.

I just watched CZ talk with there CEO im so surprised the guy invents JAVA and there is so many active accounts Yet all the posts seems to be about Rewards – I have been promoting the browser and call it irony but planned to record the live payout on may 5 and it all but gone from my history – and to boot the claim on my mobile app also GONE

I’ve lost the claim on Windows and Android. My daughter lost it on her mobile too. I’ve lost BAT in previous months, not grants, and also had notification issues.

Let’s hope they sort these issues out soon, as early adopters/testers are being penalised.

The issue is there is only this support community and seems to be ALLOT OF ISSUES – esp when we are trying to support the adds as well – the more users have bad experience the more they just say “” crypto is to hard " Brave is one if not the biggest platform to advocate crypto eco systems i sure hope they can get some resolutions — ITS a GREAT PRODUCT – but PEOPLE CARE ABOUT MONEY just as much esp these days and 1 bat or 50000 bat it should be the same

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I’ve now lost another 55 BAT after hitting claim on Windows. My rewards are zero. 5 months and nothing to show for it.

Check your add audit trail and send it to support Email

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