Can’t find Wallet icon

Hey gday, could anyone help? I’ve updated Brave recently and I still cannot locate the Brave wallet icon in the Browser.
Is the Browser the 3 lines up on the top right?
I’m not the best at tech, cheers for your time. Hope someone can sort me out.

@Anzac hey, it generally is helpful if you can provide more details when you create topics. For example, is this on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS? As you may imagine, there are some differences between what the browser looks like and instructions to find things depending on the OS/device type.

Assuming you’re speaking of something like Desktop, perhaps Windows, then the three lines on the top right is called the hamburger menu, and looks like image. Another description is it’s a context menu for some things about the browser. Brave Wallet is not listed there.

Instead you should be looking for the actual Brave Wallet button, which looks like image. It generally is slightly to the left of the hamburger menu as long as you haven’t hidden it. Your upper right of the browser would generally look like the screenshot below:

If you have ever hidden it from sight, you can go to SettingsAppearanceShow Brave Wallet Button

You see the toggle at the bottom of what I’m showing in the screenshot above.

Hey mate,
Thanks heaps for that info, sorry for the lack of detail. I’ve got an IPhone 11. I’ve gone back and looked for that icon and still can’t find it though. I’ve also downloaded the latest Brave and still no help.

Yeah, that definitely changes things drastically. I was answering you based on desktop. And now you mentioning the three lines might make a bit more sense, though for me they are dots and it’s on the bottom.

Let me show some things here on my iPhone. Do keep in mind I’m using an iPhone 13 Pro Max and I’ve updated Brave to be running 1.66. I’m not sure what you’re on in terms of which version of Brave.

So assuming just window open and on any normal site, it would be something like below. The hamburger menu (three dots) is on the very bottom right.

Clicking on the hamburger menu should open the context menu, such as you see below. You’ll notice Wallet is on the list. You would click on it to open it up.

At which point would see login like this. For me, it does facial recognition. Once you get past that, you’ll be in your Wallet for whatever you need to do.

If you can’t see these steps, then I’ll ask you to try to look and provide more details like which iOS version you’re using, which version of Brave, and perhaps a screenshot of whatever it is you are seeing on your hamburger menu.