Brave Browser vs Brave Nightly


I just discovered yesterday that Brave Nightly allows you to withdrawal your BAT tokens to an Uphold account. Are there plans to take the tokens already earned on the Brave Browser and withdrawal them as well. Or better yet have the ability to migrate the tokens from one browser to another?


Hi @Backstage,

Welcome to community and thanks for writing in! All new browser functionality begins in Nightly and makes its way through Developer, Beta and then lastly landing in Release. This functionality will be added to the Release version of Brave next month.

Let us know if there’s anything else that we can help to answer!

That’s fantastic news!

Thanks Steeven, have a good one!

Am I finding a big fault with Brave? It disables an extension that provides me with security when I do banking. Then there is no one to answer my question on this forum. Can someone help. I got a message today saying that an extension had been disable because it can see my browsing etc. It is part of my security software & protects me when I access banking etc. Why has it disabled this. I know nothing about computers but if it Brave is stopping my protection then why? Looks like I’ll have to disable the Brave nonsense. No help for anyone having issues with it. Not good.

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