Brave browser ( Laptop, windows 64 )

I came across this and wondering if it’s legit
I downloaded the exe and it’s called BraveBrowserSetup-OST765 I did not open or run it though -
The reason is I hate this new downloads feature than you can’t change ( the arrow goes up like edge rather than down )
it’s really annoying so trying to find another version or older version of brave before this change took place. ( I don’t ant nightly or beta on my laptop )
I use all 3 versions of brave on android for different reasons/ accounts and the performance is no where near on par with the main version.

I could not find any answers on google but I can’t be he only one that hates the change !

Really rather than being like every other company that makes changes no one wants or likes , think of other things like brave email ETC.

***** I forgot to add ) sorry English is not my first language so sorry if I ramble on and on and can’t be concise ) I remembered and it makes me crazy
I have it enabled to ask where to save files etc sometimes it does and sometimes it does not and or if I just select things to download in " downloads " rather than a specific folder it may just download into any random place - inc. windows system files - which took me forever to find ! - Really brave is great been on it just over 2 years - don’t start being like , um … another big computer tech comapny that does nothing but dumb , useless, annoying changes no one wants !

Also if omeone can sent a lin that fully explains ( in not super difficult English ) diff- from beta nightly and the normal version and while A speed test on all 3 at the same time will be exact it’s obvious they are slower

Hey, I can’t help you with most of your questions just another user like you, but I can help on different versions

Brave Beta (Blue Lion) previews new versions of Brave and new changes coming to the main Brave Browser (Red Lion). Beta automatically sends crash reports to Brave when things go wrong.
Brave Nightly (Purple Lion) is a development version which tests for/might contain occasional bugs. Here you can see and test out new changes being introduced to the main Brave Browser. Nightly automatically sends crash reports to Brave and is updated every night.
Brave browser (Red Lion) is the main commercial version that most users download.

Do you mean the downloads status being near the URL bar ?
You want it to show at the bottom of the screen ?
If so, then go to brave://flags and disable flags called ‘DOwnload Bubble’ and ‘Download Bubble V2’.

Yea, the other two have featurs not ready for release yet and under development.

To be honest, you can post in any language you’re comfortable with, we can use Google translate or should I say Brave translate so as not to offen Brave developers and mods here ?!! lol.

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