I like the new icons

Oftentimes people are quick to complain about any UI changes, so I just wanted to pipe up and say that I like what you’ve done with the icons (folder icons and menu icons) in Brave 1.59.76. I always thought the shaded yellow folder icons looked a bit old fashioned, so I am happy to see the new monochrome version. Additionally, the icons within the file menu are a nice touch.


Could you please let me know why your version of Brave is different than mine as I see the latest version as follows:

Release Notes v1.57.62 (Sep 6, 2023)

And my browser indicates:
Brave is up to date: Version 1.57.62 Chromium: 116.0.5845.180 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thank you.

Information from the future.

You’re correct - 10 Sept 2023 - the current release is 1.57.62

The OP is - correctly - tagged ‘Nightly Builds’.

Here’s the URL for the Brave Release Schedule.

If you scroll down, you’ll see: 1.59.x was available through the ‘Beta & Dev channel’ on 5 Sept; on the ‘Nightly channel’ on Aug 8.

FYI: like you, I wait for ‘current’ releases. On that channel, 1.59.x should be available mid-October.

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Hey @Fuller1754! Glad to hear you like the new icons, I’ve passed the feedback on to our designer!

Unfortunately I’ve just rolled back the folder icons change, but hopefully we’ll get a new design out for them at some point. The app menu is staying though! Let me know if you notice anything missing!

Oh no! It’s more folder icon drama! (See also New folder icons look out of place). Ah well. Something more modern looking would be nice.


I’ll just add something I’ve said before. Brave has done some really good icon work. Your Settings page, the browser toolbar, the Brave Search SERP page, and now the hamburger menu all have good looking icons. You just need folder icons that are of consistent design with all the others.


Thanks @Fuller1754! I’m super happy you like them :slight_smile: The designer who’s been doing them is great!

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Give that person a raise :smiley:

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Use the same icons as in the bookmarks page! They look great, and then there would be consistency.

P.S., that little three-dots menu inside the square in the upper right looks out of place and like a holdover from a previous UI. I think it’s the square that does it. It’s here on the bookmarks page and also on the downloads page.

They did what you asked but people complained it so they changed it back

i have used that specific version of brave which had the color you are asking but since yellow is more adaptive color for bookmarks(as it also matches the folder icons of windows file explorer aswell), People complained a lot and unlike not listening to the feedback of download bar change, brave team were polite at that time and took the issue into consideration and changed the color…

one way to have the brave bookmark folder icon color changed is while chromium gets more futuristic enough in the upcoming years and they have the option to let user change those bookmark folder colors using a dedicated Color palette or the AI tweak where bookmark folder icon color gets changed automatically according to the theme which a user installs from chrome store. It’s hard to implement a change like that…Let’s see