Extentions doing random things

Well not very happy I just typed like 2 pages of stuff it wouldn’t let me post! So not really happy right now. I’ll try to give u detailed info.
Brave is up to date

Version 1.7.98 Chromium: 81.0.4044.113 (Official Build) (64-bit) on windows 10 this version and nightly has erratic things happen with extensions Noscript and lasspass have to be reloaded to work! many time all the extenuation fail and have to reboot the computer as brave wont recover! My last message was more detailed. Also I have beta tested for many company’s for many many years … Most ppl aren’t program engineers and aren’t going to post exactly what you want to make your life easier. I know its hard to get one liners but added to the masses give you an idea of the problem. Most programs today have call home debuggers not sure if brave has it but if not should look into that. It would all so be nice If I knew where to fined the info dump if you have one to send along with the report! Don’t get me wrong here I think you have the FASTEST EVER browser maybe the best all around! Most bugs I fined are in the extensions so If I were you would look deep into how the extensions are working ! I have 8 gigs and fine it running out of memory faster than chrome or Firefox. This start a cascade of death. Also page seem to hop up from bottom some times. and some page get cut off at the bottom on some pages need like one more line at bottom. This browser is so close to killing every other browser ever!

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