Brave's download repo

Is there a way around the block on this web page? I want to see all the releases

Is there a windows repository of releases out there? this is the actual link

there are windows version just keep scrolling.

Thank you . Not what I was after

  1. that is a “nightly”, meaning “experimental” channel. I am after the latest stable release

  2. " Windows: BraveBrowserNightlySetup.exe and BraveBrowserNightlySetup32.exe will fetch and install the latest available version from our update server". This is not the actual binary. It is a stinkin’ stub installer. I want the actual file.

@ToddAndMargo here’s the link for the latest stable release

You may want to grab the standalone installer. I think this is what you looking for.

Yes, I want the stand alone installer. Where are they?


Oh I missed that, thank you!

Now, how with a web page reading program do I determine that 65.121 is the latest release? Is that stated somewhere on another page? “current stable release = ???” put me back to that stupid 404 error. So how do I determine what is the latest stable release? If I can get a list of all the releases, it is easy for me to figure to which is the highest release.


Hey Todd, the url you pasted in your comment isn’t correct, that’s why you’re getting the 404 error; you need to include “/v0.65.121” at the end–that will take you directly to the latest stable release (“Release Channel”).

To see all the releases, follow that first link Dgenies shared. It’s the most comprehensive list out there and it’s sorted chronologically descending so you can check everything out from newest to oldest. The list has Nightly, Dev, Beta, and Stable (Release) builds. You will need to scroll through the list until you see the “Release Channel” header. From there download the .exe appropriate for your machine and you’re good to go!

Since you said you’re looking for a binary, I think you may want to consider compiling the browser from its source code. The build instructions are here:

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@tggir1 welcome to the community. It is so nice to see a new member pitch in on ongoing conversations.

I am trying to do this with a program, not my eyeballs. The end goal is to place the stand alone installer for Windows on a flash drive to carry to my customer’s sites. (I dual install both Brave end Firefox on most all machines I work on.) gives you 0.64.121’s , not all of them for me to pick. Shortening the address to should at least show v0.65.121, but does not.

Here is an example of what I would like to see:

So I looks like I will have to put my Micky Mouse hat on and

  1. go to and dig around looking for the work “stable” and rejecting “unstable”. Except that it does to exist. Neither does “0.65.121” exist in the page either. This is for experimental versions only. So where the heck is the stable release for me to read the revision?

  2. Oh ya, and fun! shows me the Linux instructions as I am browsing from Linux and won’t be trickled by a user agent switcher. There is no download other OS’s link that I can find.

  3. Who sent you to the v0.65.121 address? If I could have access to that web page, I could dig it out. Where is the statement of what the latest stable release is?


  1. Brave's download repo

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