Is there a resource that will tell you when Brave for the PC got updated and what changed?

This is just a general inquiry. Is there a web page that tells when Brave for Windows was most recently updated and what changes/enhancements were made to it? If there is such a site can someone provide me with it’s URL? Thanks!

Hi @Moondoggy,

This community site have a posts with release note when new stable release available. Like Release Channel hotfix v0.59.35 available now!

I’m surprised for Windows it ins’t like the other browser. Is there an issue open to make it published on the browser when and after a browser is updated?

When an update is available on a Brave installation you have on your machine, you’ll see the menu icon change to a green arrow pointing upwards. You may also see the arrow next to the About Brave option.

Thanks for the update. What I was looking for was a place/location where the a user could consistently go to to get the date the release was made along with the nature of the release such as what improvements were made or things that were fixed. The link that you provided was good for this particular release but I it took me a bit to figure out how I would get to the similar page the next release. I finally determined that if I search for the release number (i.e. v0.59.35) the search would show you the Release Channel for that particular update. Thanks for your help in finding what to look for.

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