Brave browser has certificate issue with Finnish internet providers leading to issues when trying to use government/banking or anything that needs verification

As said in topic it seems many of the Finnish telecoms sites certificates are not on some US based cert site leading to issues logging/verifying (in Finland we log in to verifying system using our bank codes to verify that we are certain person) to my personal info to government sites leading me having to use backup browser to log in to those pages.

My example would be <- official government page with cert from TeliaSonera (big finnish telecomms company btw) and for me Brave says invalid certificate leading to page being unusable

2nd example would be this: <- actual login page for my national bank and again certificate is not working leading to issues using brave.

I would guess this might be issue for other users inside EU too.

Both of these work for me on Brave 1.19.72 on Linux:
Screenshot from 2021-01-06 09-48-15 Screenshot from 2021-01-06 09-48-28

Which operating system are you using?

I’m one of the stubborn win7 users (will eventually have to give in and change to linux based os I guess). Could that affect certs in Brave? As I said the sites work fine on firefox that I use as my backup browser.

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Ah that might be what the problem is.

Firefox uses its own certificate store and so it’s not using the Windows one.

Chrome and Brave use the Windows store and so if that’s not up-to-date (because Microsoft stopped Windows 7 updates), then you’re likely to start to run into these problems more and more.

Moving to Linux would indeed solve these problems since you would be getting an up-to-date certificate store.

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Thanks for answering. I consider this issue solved

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