Brave Browser for mac Ios 10.13.6

who know where can i find Brave Browser installer for mac ios 10.13.6? the last version is for 10.15 or higher… brave people, your update just ruined my day… Brave was my default and favorite browser… now it is not computable with my good old mac…


@el-i first thing I want to point out is iOS is for iPhone pretty much. Mac and IOS are two different OS. There is no such thing as mac ios.

Second thing I’ll point out is that I highly recommend you Search Before Posting as you aren’t the first person to ask similar questions. And Brave has information very easily accessible if you just took the time to look.

It hasn’t been supported for months now. It shouldn’t have “just hit” like you’re making it sound.

for Saoiray, sure i meant macOS not iOS… small typing fault… i know the difference… and thanx for the info…

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