Brave desktop browser will NOT update

Description of the issue:
My brave desktop browser will not update. The browser is supposed to update automatically, but it will not do so. I can see the newest version available (1.29.79) but my Brave browser is not automatically installing it & is stuck on version 1.28.105.

Because it will not update, I am having trouble accessing sites that I need to access. This has been a major inconvenience, and has been going on for a few weeks now. I am just now posting because I have tried all of the troubleshooting recommendations found online, and this is my last resort effort.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Brave not updating automatically.
  2. Not able to access certain web apps because of this issue.

Expected result:
I would love to continue to use the Brave browser, so the ideal result would be to find a solution to this problem and continue to use this browser.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:

Can you tell me what happens when you go to Menu --> About Brave? Doing this typically triggers the update process – I’m wondering if there are any errors shown here while the browser attempts this?

It does not trigger any update, it does show me what current version I have.

Still not updating…Anybody else having these issues???

There is a post in the help section.
If you select "settings/additional settings/safety check"it will bring up an error on the update. follow the link; save your bookmarks and user data if you can and wish to do so. uninstall brave. install brave from

Just to confirm… this is on macOS right? That’s the selected OS tag for the post but just wanted to make sure because there is a known issue that bites some people on Windows. If you’re on a mac though, it shouldn’t apply to you.

Apologies for the late reply – have been out of office.
Can you please try downloading and applying the update directly from out Github and see if this works?

No worries, thank you for the response… I will try to download it now.

I was able to get this to work! Thank you!

Update: After closing the browser (Quit), and reopening, the new update is no longer running & the old update is the current version again…

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Glad that did the trick, you’re very welcome. Please let us know if the browser continues to give you trouble updating.