Brave browser does not save its own bookmarks

This has been asked several times before with no replies or solution answers …ISSUE IS
newly installed Brave on Win 7 does not install bookmarks even though it goes through the process and 'Saves" them …all imported bookmarks are there but nowhere on my bar or any folder or new folder are they found …even search of computer doesn’t turn them up…so what is it doing or not doing with new ‘added’ bookmarks please ??

You should go to your Bookmarks Manager. If you check there, your Bookmarks are there. When imported it’s usually tossed into your Other folder or something similar. It may even be called Imported. If you want them on your Bookmark Bar, then you need to transfer them to your Bookmarks and make sure you have Show Bookmarks turned on under brave://settings/appearance

Any Bookmarks added or imported to Brave will be saved in your \Brave folder. It’s not just in plain text easy for you to see and read either though.

Bookmark Manager is at brave://bookmarks/

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No this is not right …the only way I can get brave to save any new bookmarks IS ON THE Bar itself…it does not save them to my selected folder or at all regardless if it says it has and shows it as editable…I cannot find them regardless and if it is really saving them , not to my folder, where is it putting them ?

Just to make sure I understand, are you saying that if you save a site as a bookmark, it ‘looks like’ it’s saved (the Bookmark icon is ‘filled in’ as if it’s saved), but you just aren’t sure where it’s located?

If you take an example Bookmarked site; go to that site; click the Bookmark button in the toolbar; and then click the ‘More…’ button what do you see?

P.S. If you have any opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10, you should strongly consider it, Windows 7 is way out of date and will become increasingly difficult to support for many reasons and many products.

Jim…even after another week of ‘bookmaring sites’ I still can’t find out where Brave puts them…the MORE button shows all the folders where my bookmarks were on imported from Chrome including the one I select to store a new brave BM in but none of it shows the BM I’ve saved…can you send me a step by step on how Brave is supposed to bookmark on Win 7 please ?

When you click the ‘More’ button, the next thing that happens is it highlights the folder where the bookmark for the current site is saved.

So if it’s showing you the ‘Imported from Chrome’ folder when you click ‘More,’ it sounds to me like new bookmarks are being saved in the ‘imported from Chrome’ folder (which is just another folder like the others).

This is the folder where it’s saving it:

And this is that same folder, but shown within the context of the rest of your Bookmark folders.

No they are not there…i suspect for some reason Brave thinks I already have that website bookmarked in the Imported file and refuses to create another though it is actually of a different page than the one from Chrome…
…the only hidden bookmarks i found were of sites I’ve never BM’d before…
Anyway is there a way I create a new Brave only bookmark file where all the future Bm’s I make will be saved ?

Most browsers that I’m aware of, these days will avoid creating duplicate bookmarks. So if you already have a site bookmarked (whether you did it by hand, or you imported it) then it won’t create another copy someplace else in your folders.

You can create a Bookmarks folder anywhere you like within your Bookmarks structure, by using the Bookmarks Manager: Menu → Bookmarks → Bookmarks manager (or press Ctrl+Shift+O). Or go to brave://bookmarks as mentioned earlier in this thread.

Just keep in mind that a ‘folder’ in your Bookmarks manager is not the same thing as a ‘folder’ on your computer’s filesystem, e.g., you aren’t going to see all of these individual Bookmarks folders in Windows Explorer.

I solved the problem by getting rid of all the imported folders Brave put in from my chrome browser …
what it was doing was seeing the brave folder with a similar BM in them and refused to mark a new one.
Hopefully this will help new users who have a brave BM problem

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Can you help me the site owner cannot…the problem is on Huntington Bank site after I sign via a security code, I can logout and log back in within an hour no problem but after say 2 or 3 hours if I try to log back in site doesn’t recognize browser and I have to do security code request again to re-register…they say that their cookie is not being recognized or extant on the brave browser, and I see only one cookie saved in brave , and they say there has to also be a registered browser cookie too…can you help me fix it please ?
Daniel Pazsint