If I select "Add Bookmark," and then I add a bookmark, where can I find it again?

If I select “Add Bookmark,” and then I add a bookmark, where can I find it again? Is there a list of my bookmarks like the list that Google Chrome used to have, before they discontinued it on September 30?

Not sure what you mean. Do you not see them under the ‘hamburger’ menu (top right corner), then point to "Bookmarks?’

Thanks for your answer, Jim. Yes, I go to the hamburger menu, and select Bookmarks, and I see a long list of bookmarks, but any bookmark that I create in Brave doesn’t appear there, and I don’t know where to find it. I started using Brave, because I thought it might have the kind of great bookmark system that Google Chrome had before they discontinued it. I guess I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out how to create a bookmark in Brave and then find it again. If I select “Add Bookmark” below the address bar, and fill out the form that appears, and then select the blue box labeled “Add Bookmark,” the form closes and the bookmark I just added doesn’t appear any place where I can find it again. As I said, it doesn’t appear on the list of bookmarks that i get when I select “Bookmarks” from the hamburger symbol. Again, thanks for taking the trouble to answer what is probably a simple question or problem - except that it doesn’t seem so simply to me!

Is it possible that you have so many bookmarks that it’s hiding in a sea of them, making it hard to spot? Or, could it be in a subfolder in your bookmarks?

Under the menu again, if you go to ‘Bookmark manager’ that will show everything in a folder structure; and you can do a search there as well, with the magnifying glass or by pressing Ctrl+F and typing some text that should match it.

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Thank you. I tried your suggestions, and I think I’ll have to just keep playing around with the bookmarks in Brave until I can get them to work. In the meantime, I’ve worked out a way of just saving bookmarks in a file on my pc. That seems to work pretty well for now.

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