Login with another brave account and how i can apply the sync to browser?

How i can sync my another brave account
I try with brave sync but the config dont apply to browser
How I can apply to the browser?
Help Pls :cry:

Are you talking about profiles? Like your brave has a default profile and you created another profile? I’ve done this once… Open brave with default profile, got sync settings and create a sync chain, copy the sync code word list. Set up what you want to sync in sync settings. Then open your new profile, open sync settings in new profile window, click the “I have sync code” button, and paste the word list you copied earlier. Now the the new profile browser window, set up what you want sync’ed. Things like bookmarks, extensions got synced for me as that’s what i chose to sync. Now when that’s done I’d remove the both profiles off the sync chain… Prolonged sync chain for me has always given wierd behavior over time…