Can I use 2 different computers with same Brave profile?

I switch back and forth from my laptop at home to desktop at work. Both are Macs. I would like to be able to access one Brave profile so I can see recent search history and bookmarks and passwords on either machine without having to import the new ones every time I open the browser. Is this possible? Can I log in under one name for both?I can’t seem to find the specific answers here. I only get info on how to import bookmarks.

Sync is still in development on Brave. I know you can sync up your bookmarks by going to brave://sync/ (or by going to sync in the Brave menu). You will create a pass phrase that you’ll use to link up your computers. I believe mobile devices can use a QC code, but it’s been a while since I synced up a mobile device.

For passwords and history, Brave isn’t quite there yet. They’re still developing sync. I’ll sometimes import passwords from other browsers, like Firefox.

I’m going to just export bookmarks once a week or so. That should work for now. Thanks for the reply.

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