Brave Blocking Rakuten Again

First - Yes, I did search and found a locked thread, but cookies and redirects are already allowed and it’s not fixed.
OK - I am very frustrated. Several months ago, after a Brave update :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Brave started blocking Rakuten from working. It took me a LOT of time and trying different settings to finally fix it. I nearly dumped Brave then, I was so ticked.
Fast forward to the recent update. Guess what happened? Yup! Blocking Rakuten again! :rage: Unfortunately, I should have written down what I finally found to change that worked. Before I give up and move on from Brave, does anyone know what setting it was that fixes this? I am not going to spend hours fooling with settings again! And yes, Rakuten works in Chrome and Edge, so it’s definitely Brave. And Rakuten is blocked on any site, so it’s probably Rakuten settings. All I remember now is once I finally found the setting, it worked everywhere again.
Otherwise I have no issues with Brave and like it! But I use Rakuten a lot and it’s very annoying to have to bring up Chrome or Edge to shop in!
Thanks in Advance!

Holy Moly!! I FIXED IT! Apparently, I couldn’t resist playing in settings again. I will leave this post in case it may help some one else. The only other thing I could remember about the fix was that it wasn’t where I thought it should be. I was right. Instead of right clicking on the Rakuten site lock and going to site settings (although I did update those to allow pop-ups and redirects and ads - you may need that, too), go to the Brave lion head on the right side of the address bar and left click. Turn off the Shields Up! Viola!
I am absolutely making a note on this, as I suspect something in updates resets these settings and third time would be the charm of annoyance.
Good luck, all!

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