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Hi guys,; theres 2 websites i would to have my browser block evrytime they try to open . How do i go about blocking these sites from opening in brave . Thanks In Advance
PS The sitres are , and


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ok will do , thanks . i sensed it went to multiple people but even still i hear you . Will do it over . . Sorry about that and thnks for the guidance

I do apologise . I did search but never found the answer but i agree with what you are saying and will definetly do a more focused and informative query should I not come right through the Q & A


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I basically was just asking for more information.

Can you please tell me:

  • What OS you’re using?
  • What Brave version you’re using?
  • Whether or not you have any extensions installed?
  • Can you perhaps share a screenshot of how the site appears on your end when you attempt to visit it?

hi i did a second request where o did put that info in but not a problem here goes
1 windows 10 21h2
Version 1.40.113 Chromium: 103.0.5060.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

3 ive got no extensions installed .
4 i dont quite know what you mean but basically i want to block and . whenever im googling things i might just open these sites
and multiple things keep popping up . this quora in particular has its own type pf facebook nonsense so when you open up a response to a question then all this other facebook rubbish keeps popping up and wants x,y and z . In an ideal world i like to be able to block whatever I want

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Can you share a screenshot of the what pops up/what you want to block so I can get a clearer idea of what you’re describing? You can copy/paste/send images in the editor here on Community directly.

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Oh! @jasonv Are you trying to block Quora and Reddit from serch engine (Google) results? And that you don’t want these to open at all when you click there link or type in url?

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If I should click on those sites I would like them not to open because I have blocked them from opening. Similar to a way ypu would block an email address. Have an option to block site. In internet explorer you used to go to tools/ internet sites (I think) and select restrict /block and then should you accidentally click on one of the search results and it was a blocked website you would not be able to open the website without unblocking it.
So yes when you search, the blocked web site will still be available to open but should you try open it, it will not be able to open unless you unblock it

So I do not think that there is a way to inherently block the site. One thing you might do is change the Shields settings for the site to block all Javascript — while this doesn’t prevent the site from opening, it would prevent it from loading properly/fully.

Can I ask if you’re wanting this behavior to prevent your children from opening these sites or is it for another reason?

hi sorry for the long delay . In a nutshell those two sites just bug the hell out of me . Im in the IT field and sometimes will google for answers and inevitably would sometimes open one of those sites without really paying too much attention and would then sgtart reading response ,Unfortunately while reading the responses or whatever it might , crap will start popping up wanting to be a member or something , but what really annoys me is I dont get to finish reading the responses . So in my little world I would like to just block the sites so as not to waste my time reading half answers. I have no sort of net nanny application needed . in fact the kids are hardly ever on this laptop

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The javascript method mentioned in my previous comment should at least help here but will not “block” sites in the way you’re looking for. You may be able to find a 3rd party extension that will do this for you but there is nothing native to the browser that allows this.

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