Desktop Shorcuts stopped working

Hey All,

I moved from chrome to brave since a lot of people were saying it’s cooler, shifted all my stuff to brave.

Me, a big fan of shortcuts, created shortcuts to all the websites I visit on a daily basis, a week later, it stops working, couldn’t find any solution, so I just deleted them and recreated every single one (takes hours), another week later, today, all the shortcuts stop working, what the fu#k brave?
I would really appreciate any help, it’s pissing me off

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When the shortcuts stop working, the icons are they white in color or they show Brave icon? What happens when you click on them ? Nothing?

the icons don’t change, they just open up an empty tab of brave


A solution is suggested here for the same type of problem
The solution was to rebuilt the windows icon cache its for w10 but also can be applied for w11

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