Windows 10 "show hidden icons" accidentally clicked " show in background"

Accidentally clicked the show in background in the show hidden icons in the bottom right pop up menu on Windows.

Now whenever I close Brave and open it back up again It only opens up one session, I am very used to having multiple different sessions open so if anyone can tell me how to re-enable that would be great

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Hello @kcharlie, thank you for reaching us out. You mean profiles? Can you please share a screenshot with the options selected so we can further investigate this.

Thanks in advance.

No I mean this, by default you click the upwards pointing arrow and there is a symbol for brave there, I accidentally clicked something along the line of “hide icon” and I can’t find a way to reveal it again.

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Hello again @kcharlie, My recommendation here will be to create desktop shortcuts for every profile and then drag them to the taskbar or keep it on the desktop otherwise you can right click them and select the option “pin to taskbar” so they will appear in that section again. Hope that can help you. Regards.

That doesn’t work, I tried both options

I have also gone through here but Brave is not listed…

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