Brave Beta Crashes when opening certain links and opening new tab with clipboard URL

Hey all,

Brave Beta seems to crash pretty frequently when browsing reddit. It took a bit of time to find something I could reproduce, but I think I found it.

Head to this link in Brave Beta.

Scroll down until you find the comment that says “First trailer to drop on Monday” The easiest way to find this is to hit page down to load the comments then search for “first trailer” using the search tool. (If I directly link to the comment, it doesn’t seem to crash.)

When you find that comment, click the Twitter link to the right of it.

This sequence of events causes it to crash on my Windows 7 machine 100% of the time.

There’s another way I can make it crash. If I go to that same link and comment, then right click the Twitter link and select “Copy link address” then open a new tab with the plus button next to the tab that has Reddit open, it crashes. It doesn’t seem to crash if I copy the URL and do a Ctrl+T to open a tab.

Opening a new tab while on the Reddit page won’t crash it. Only right clicking and copying that link first, then attempting to open the tab with the new tab button will crash Brave 100% of the time for me.

Let me know if you need any clarification on the above!

I was able to get this to crash pretty frequently on Reddit by just poking around to various threads and clicking on links, so there could be other ways to reproduce this.

Annnnd I saw a Tweet from @sampson stating that Brave Rewards has a known issues in the Beta builds. Disabled rewards and it seems to be much, much better so far. :slight_smile: