Brave logs me out of all the google accounts every time. Help me rectify it

Description of the issue: Brave logged me out of every google account that I logged in. This happened this morning and I logged every account in. I thought it was a one time issue. But after shutting down and opening my laptop 5 hrs later, this happened again. This didn’t happen for even once, this is totally new. I’ve been using this browser for over a year now. Kindly provide me with a solution

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Holy crap this happens to me all the time. I’ve just been living with it lmao. Wasn’t sure if it was an issue with brave or gmail. Hopefully someone can help.

I should mention my issue is that it logs me out of gmail and any related google accounts (youtube, google drive etc.) mid-use, not even necessarily on close. I have no idea what triggers it and it sometimes happens several times in a short period of time.

I’ve only been able to tolerate it because I use a password manager so logging back in doesnt take too long.

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also experiencing the same today. brave logs out of all sites on close. settings are all ok.

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same keeps happening to me… and now my brave ads won’t work either