Brave asking permission to save any .exe file

Recently brave asks to keep or discard any .exe file I download as if it was a malicious file. How can I change this behaviour? Thank you.

Brave: v1.41.100
Windows 10

I’m curious. I do not get this prompt when downloading .exe, or any, files. Do you get the prompt for all file types or just .exe files? Can you provide a screenshot of the prompt?

This sounds like something other than Brave is the source of the prompt, like an extension, anti-virus software, or system settings. Have you tired testing to see if you get the prompt when using other browsers?

Could also try:

  1. Disabling extensions or downloading in a private window to see if you still get the prompt.
  2. Disabling any antivirus software and test with a known safe .exe file

Please provide an update. More details of the exact steps you take might help too.

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