Brave Downloads - Keep & Discard

Hello Brave Team and Community,

I download a lot of .exe, .jar and other various files that are by default flagged as dangerous.

I would love to see an option to exclude custom file-types by extension such as .exe so they don’t get flagged as dangerous.

Or an option to disable (at my own risk) the dangerous file flagging.

Thanks, Nathan

Ya this feature is necessary. When I download Brave browser using Brave from It flags the download as malicious and displays This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep BraveBrowserSetup.exe anyway.
How can Brave Browser show Brave Browser exe as malicious .
This issue should be fixed soon because if it marks all exe’s as malicious when we download some truly malicious file unknowingly we will keep it and think that Brave is showing fake warning and it is safe and run it … .

I have same annoying question every time I download something.
It’s useful for people without browsing experience but for rest it’s annoyng.
I’d like to have an option or brave://flags/ to disable it