Brave app does now show my info correctly

Downloaded and used Brave on my PC and Pixel 2. Linked my accounts and gained BAT on both my PC and Pixel for the same account.

Today April 5th I was supposed to get my 1.460 BAT. I checked my rewards and saw that I was allowed to claim 1.000 BAT which was odd but it’s free money. After adding this coin to my wallet I saw that I wasn’t logged in to my normal account. I checked my Uphold app and it showed an error message for the link with Brave. I uninstalled Brave on my Pixel, reinstalled it and re-linked it to my Uphold app.
All of that now said, my wallet is empty and I’ve lost the 1.000 BAT. On my PC it still shows my estimated reward and I am not able to claim it. The reward date HAS changed though from April 5 to now May 5.
My Brave browser on my phone does not reflect the information of my account that is on my Brave browser on my PC.
Please Help!

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