Brave app disappeared from my phone after last update

My Samsung C9 Pro phone did an update all apps overnight last night, but when I tried opening my browser this morning it defaulted to Samsung Internet. It seems that my phone is not able to see the Brave app anymore and the icon on my app screen is also missing.

According to google play store the app is still installed on my phone and it is also listed under my installed apps under my phone settings, but I am not able to open it from any of these locations.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing the Brave app as well as restarting my phone, but it has not done anything. I also tried to see if there was another update needed of the Brave app, but it says that the latest version is installed.

When I try to open the app through Google play store it also diverts to another page rather than opening it.

The software on the phone is the latest version: C9000ZCU1CSC2/C9000CHC1CSC2/C9000ZCU1CSC2
Security patch level: January 1, 2019

Has anyone had an issue like this that can help on how to resolve this?

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