App disappeared in Android

hi, I use this browser since months without any issue, yesterday fron nothing the app icon disappeared from the app drawer (android 12, oneplus 9 8/128) i can see the app from the menu/app/managment/apps and launch it, i can see the app in play store and launch it, but I cannot find among other apps or link again the icon on the home screen.
I delettled the app (losing all my navigation data/oasswoed/bookmarks/open tabs) reinstalled it and nothing changed. I cannot find the app except playstore and the menu (pretty useless in daily use) I tryed to install older versions (from 1.40 to 1.38)clear cache, reboot, I installed another app and doesn’t seems to be affected to this issue,only brave.

I’m using an oppo find x2 pro and have had the exact same problem and at the same time it seems. All my apps are up to date as well. Haven’t been able to fix it and have also played with reinstalling it. Previous posts about the same issue on these forums aren’t solved either, just closed after a certain period of time.

I hope there’s a solution, I do enjoy this app.

For now I find out a workaround that maybe it’s not elegant but work fine I installed an app called “shortcut maker” and crate a fake icon on the homepage. Maybe it will be solved, for now I can continue using brave (I only miss mi old data…)

Found another post on this forum that solves the mystery of where the app went, for my phone anyway.
It seems that with the update my app moved to my gamespace app where my phone stores all the games. If you have a similar storage app on your phone I would suggest looking for it in there.
Hopefully it solves the mystery for you too.

I found here too. Once moved out of there it has disappeared. I don’t care much of open it from there, but I need it on homescreen to open it quickly. So I moved it out and pop! Gone.

My Brave icon also disappeared after moving itself to Games section. I removed from there but it didn’t appear in app drawer. I can find it on search or i can open it in apps in settings or play store. But I cannot find it in app driver or home screen. I uninstalled and reinstalled it. It appeared everywhere but after first restart it again disappeared.

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