App update Error

Hello, please help me to resolve this issue . After update brave app from Play Store , brave app is vanished from my phone not see anywhere but in app manager showing brave is installed also in play Store. Please resolve this issue ASAP. Thank you

Could you check if it’s been put into the hidden apps folder?

Also could you check in your game space if the app is shown there. There were devices which added them to gaming folder and weren’t showing up on home screen.

Also please provide info like, your device OS VERSION, Device Model & make.

I search every where in my phone didn’t find brave , i know if i uninstall than again install the app issue will be solved but i don’t want to loose my data.
My OS version - MIUI Global 13.0.10 . Device - Mi 11x

Yes , i check there is nothing

Hello @Sukomal01

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Could you kindly try to install the Beta or Nightly version of Brave to see if the issue persist?

Be waiting for your response!

After uninstall from Play Store and install again issue has been resolved

Hi again! @Sukomal01

I’m happy that for now the issue is solved. if you have any other question or the issue comes back let us know.

Have a great day.

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