Brave Icon disappeared on Realme X2 Pro

Brave Icon disappeared on Realme X2 Pro , but in google play store brave browser app appears installed. :thinking:

Brave browser icon disappeared from last update on 4 july 2022.

Brave Version 1.40.113
Realme RMX1931
Android Version 11

Hey same issue for me,the icon just vanished yesterday…using Realme 6 pro

Do you have features like Game Space or the likes where you group certain apps together to improve their performance when they’re open?

I have this problem just now and found the icon on my Game Space. I’m not sure why it was moved there but it’s considered on my Home screen but in another “optimized pocket”.

I’m on Oppo Android 11 with Brave v1.40.113, hope that helps.

Thank you, this happened to me 4 days ago and I never thought to look in there. Why it’s done this I have no idea. It’s gonna be a pain in the ass to use if I have to go through apps and I’ve already started using another ad blocker. Feel better knowing what happened to it though.

Thankyou for finding out where the app had gone.

You’re welcome, I’m glad it helped. I signed up just so I could reply coz I saw someone having the same problem. I’m also unsure why this happened coz I left my phone charging overnight and wake up to the Brave browser icon missing. If it happens again in the future, I hope my reply helps.

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