Brave and Uphold are absolute trash!

This is the worst experience I have ever had with a crypto company, and I’ve been in the space since 2011 and seen it all.
First let’s talk about the worthless company these morons partnered with, Uphold. After 10 hours of dealing with their absolutely brainless support team, sending my ID in twice, selfie, SSN, and a crap ton of other information all while having to repeat myself to 10 different idiots, I still got no where.
To boot, amidst dealing with this trash application Brave, I accidentally toggled the Brave rewards off. 200 Brave just magically disappeared. How unbelievably ridiculous is that? There was nothing in place to protect me, didnt ask me to confirm. You retards at Brave made every aspect of the rewards cumbersome, annoying and absolutely worthless. I look forward to uninstalling this POS app and uploading my review and experience to every applicable site I can find, and encouraging my friends to do the same.
I even had an old wallet on desktop and backed the key up…the key was not recoverable…just a jumble of ASCII characters. Get your stuff together Brave!!! Seriously people if you have brains try and use them.
Just browsing the support topics at a glance I can see I’m not alone. I hope your entire project burns a slow death, your coin, your browser and your entire team. To make something that seemed so cool just a piece of crap xperience, I personally want to say screw you to the developers and who ever signed with Uphold. Please burn worthless dickheads.

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