Feedback about the Brave Browser and the company 2024

The Brave Browser has become a pile of bloated, slow, unreliable garbage. It isn’t good.

I haven’t had rewards for over 2 years because somewhere along the way you messed that up too.

The token, now trading at 20 cents. The 150,000 ETH ICO? No word about that.

It went wrong by you not listening to community feedback. It went wrong by you shortchanging your users, being cheapskates, and taking everything from us, while WE FUNDED your scammy operation. Which leads me to another point, will you at some point answer for your actions? Raising that amount of money and not delivering on the roadmap (LIKE, AT ALL) is a serious offense, as you will see in the recent media headlines if that wasn’t already apparent to you.

I’d uninstall this crap 2 years ago but I have so many things to migrate which means more work for me. What a terrible company. I wish you would refund your investors and just close down shop because you are doing a really bad job!!!

Sincerely, me.

PS: Browser sucks hard!!!