Uphold wallet worst ever

worst wallet ever, have submitted verification 6 times and 3 of them with high quality 5 megapixels photos
i wont submit more information to that site
and i will recklessly forward as :
not trust-able
allegany of identity verification fraud
as now they possess high quality pictures of my national identity document
and i don’t know of what are they capable for with my documentation
as i dont contemplate my account verification
i fear for unknown non physical institution either of their intention as now they possess my personal identification and high detail photo of my persona and they dont verify my account and still requesting for drivers license and international passport
as being intentionally alleged to let my manage my Basic Attention Token that Brave browser supply in my account wich is pure cryptocurrency and is not physical paper money

for now on i will give all my BAT to brave community until i can link my brave account with Exodus wallet

have a nice day.


I hope that when Brave gets bigger, they will also manage this part themselves with open source software and transparent services.
Uphold as it is now is just against their whole philosophy


they should allow us to send and deposit BAT as any crypto wallet without any document request, this is not a bank or a physical government institution that can ask for your documents papers
im looking at this MetaMask for token manage
but i rly hope to integrate brave rewards with exodus wallet
is pretty unfair that we have only uphold as option


fully support you, also no have autification and uphold in me no give believe in they. they get data and i dont know what this data be more


@ xerxes Totally second this. I’ve just submitted my UK drivers licence and passport, and despite being told that I had passed verification (after submitting a support ticket) I then received an email to say that they had suspended my account and gave absolutely no reason…

I have verified accounts with Coinbase, Poloniex, HitBTC and numerous other exchanges and to be honest, despite what i’ve seen other people post about the 3 i’ve just named i’ve had ZERO problems either sending crypto in or out or with verification…

Uphold are an utter joke and their support, although polite, are utter pish!

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@ xerxes It’s only going to hurt Brave in the long run. I tweeted my followers my referral link but have now gone and told them to hold off installing Brave because of the hassle this has caused me. I can’t in all sincerity recommend Brave to anyone while Uphold manage the wallets… It should be easy enough to add an option (for those who have a different wallet) to make the change and let those who don’t want to do this try to get verified with Uphold (although I will be pointing them straight at any Youtube video showing how to switch as soon as it is physically possible)…

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Totally agree. + Brave themselves delay payments for months because they deal with a third party for payments. It’s so much against the whole Crypto movement that they are not using open transparent solutions that sends payments directly. Why are they still relying on old systems

Hi @xerxes,

Thanks for your post. Have you contacted Uphold support directly?

Thank you everyone for your feedback. We hear your concerns and are working to offer more options to our users for KYC.

Thank you again for taking the time to provide feedback.

Uphold support is very bad and I fully agree with the owner of these threat.

Brave has the biggest advantage that you have controll of your contributions etc… but because this weired Uphold thing I can’t recommend Brave to anyone.