Brave ads tfa file

hello got many different bluescreens after install a windows 11 update yesterday, wasend able to start safe or or anyway.

so i did reinstall win11 today without format, so still got all files.
seems brave dosent syn rewards atm.

what if the tfa file that safe rewards at pc and where i can find it?
how i can transer the rewards brack from tfa file to brave pc browser?

Try the below and tell me if that helps

id copy brave from Windows.old 11 do new windows 11, but the brave rewards that i got before dosent shown up.

seems the rewards are somwhere else saved

i have a 1:1 backup from my pc if needet, i cant open it but it cant boot

atm i got many ads but no reward for it

any other idea when restore brave folder from windows.old dosent help to geht coins back?

@chriscat would be able to assist better I guess.

may be i have the old rewards back and may be i collect new newards but cant see it atm.

i lost the connection to uphold.
if i click on rewards i dont see the old or new rewards because i got window should connect to uphold.
atm i cant connect to uphold because because of germany country is not allowed atm.
dont know how long is that problem.

with mobile phone i still get brave rewards to uphold everty month, at all pc’s rewards stuck in browser.

is think there is no chance to see my old and new rewards because in can only click on reward button in brave.

i was 2 days i was able to repair my win 11 backup to be bootable by cmd codes.

i dont unterstand how brave is rally working. bevore reinstall win11 i got about 6 bat, that are stucked and dosent transfer to upholt. after reinstall win11 i use brave from winold folder .i dont see if there are stil my 6BAT in background and dont know if i get rewards for ads because of connect window.

i openend brave until i startet win11 backup and suprise i get rewards there. after copy brave backup to new win11 im again able to get rewards. so i got 2 braves at same time now.

whats the different from 2 braves, 1 seem still earning rewards and other seems stuck ?
are old and new BAT rewards behind the connect window?

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