Rewards Restoring Problems

Hey, first time posting, I never encountered any problems with Brave until now, so I had to reset entirely my computer, then I reinstalled Brave and when I restored my Wallet with the recovery code it was written 0 BAT recovered. (I had over 246 BAT). I don’t know if you can event help me, but I will try my chance and send this here.

Hi @TheJordan - thanks for reporting, and welcome to community!

A couple of questions to better understand what might have happened:

What OS and Brave version are you on?
Is the BAT from Ads?

Thanks in advance! We’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Hi @steeven, I’m on Windows 10, before the reset I was on the last version of Brave and the BAT was 100% from ads.

Thanks @TheJordan - can you DM me your Rewards Internals?

I lost all my BAT, also about 200 or so from ads, and I didn’t reset anything, just lost all my BAT.
I have not received any explanation or any help from Uphold, thats for sure.

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