Brave Ads not receiving past 2 days on desktop browser

Hello Brave Mod, please check it

Are you able to receive general desktop/push notifications?


Are you in a supported region (if so, which one)?


Give us a brief description of the ads behaviour you’re seeing

ANSWER: BRAVE ADS NOT RECEIVED SINCE 2 DAYS ON MY LAPTOP BROWSER I HAVE TRIED ON/OFF OF Ads & rewards button Tried every possible thing mention in troubleshooting section but my friend’s laptop is showing ads INDIA.

What OS/Brave version are you using?

Brave: 1.12.112 Chromium: 84.0.4147.125 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Revision : d0784639447f2e10d32ebaf9861092b20cfde286-refs/branch-heads/4147@{#1059}

OS: Windows 10 OS Version 2004 (Build 19041.450)

Please try to resolve my problem if any other information Need please tell me. @Mattches
@steeven @Asad @eljuno

same here dude from india haven’t received any Ads since 14 august

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Same for me as well. I’m also from India and have not received any ads for the past 10 days if I’m not wrong. And the value displayed on the home page is also not accurate. It is showing old data.


In the ads setting, it shows that I received 50 ads so far in this month. But no way. I didn’t get a single ad notification in my tray in the last 10 days.

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Yeah same bro, value is not correct its showing previous months BAT too.

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@Mattches please look into the matter.

No ads in days. I’m in Canada and experiencing the same

Same its happening to me but at the same time i installed brave beta browser and im getting ad notification in beta browser lol

Yeah, even I’m facing the same issue. Kindly tell us a solution to this.

im also in Canada and same issue, suddenly no ads shown since August 1

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Did you got ads now???

My situation is worse because since July 16th, I haven’t gotten any ads on my windows computer. :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

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