Brave not sending me ads

I’m using brave browser since 3 months. I was get ads normally but i’ve not used brave for 1 month and after 2 day use still dont get any ads. Tried all solutions but not worked for me.

Brave 1.11.104 Chromium: 84.0.4147.105 (Resmi Derleme) (64 bit)
Düzeltme a6b12dfad6663f13a7e16e9a42a6a4975374096b-refs/branch-heads/4147@{#943}
OS Windows 10 OS Version 2004 (Build 19041.388)
JavaScript V8 8.4.371.22
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No one will help about the ads. I always complain and post about ads but no one will answer the post. Same as mine I received 1-2 ads per day.


Which country do you live in? Your problem may be regional because I can’t see even 1-2 ads.

I saw many people in other topics complain about ads.
It looks like this is a bug and it’s taking too much time to be fixed.

Or brave rewards faucet is drained as BAT token is became more valuable. Last time I received BAT form ads it was around $0.25 and now is around $0.28. It just may be coincidence?

Go to brave rewards and then turn off adds and then turn on hope your problem will be fixed


This is what was stopping mine in the beginning.

Go to Windows Settings>System>Focus Assist>Turn off (or set to priority)>Click on “Customize your priority list”-Scroll down to Apps and click “Add an app”>Add Brave Browser



Go to Windows Settings>System>Notifications & actions>Turn ON notifications>Check all the boxes so nothing blocks the notifications (probably a little overboard so select what is applicable)>Make sure Brave Browser is selected under "Get notifications from these senders"


Hopefully that works. If it stops, sometimes I have to remove it then add it back in or toggle off and on. Especially after a Windows update.

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Same here I also not getting ads on desktop even not in mobile please help #support-and-troubleshooting #brave-rewards #brave-rewards:brave-ads-support #uncategorized

i have the same issue

I’m not sure if it’s 100 but since I followed your fix it seems to be working. Although it seems to be coming through as Cortana/Google/Windows. I think it’s Windows because it makes the windows sound everytime it pops. I could be wrong. There is ONE part you missed which I think honestly did it…

When I clicked “Top” it prompted me asking to replace Cortana with Brave. I accepted. Seems to be working as i’ve gotten 3-4 ads within the hour. My BAT coins are starting to accumulate. Thanks for this. Will keep tinkering with it and come back to this.

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