No ads on my Desktop Brave Browser


Since the last 2 days I haven’t been receiving any ads on my desktop Brave browser, I’m pretty confused and not able to figure it out. Kindly Help me out.

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But before the 2 days mention, you were reciving ads?

If yes, wait a few days, ads depend on the number of advertisers, the publishers campaings and your browsing habbits. And well the system is made like that, sometimes you are not going to receive ads in a few days. For example, lately i have been reciving 15 ads in average per day, but sometimes they only come up 3, sometimes none and that way.

If the “issue” persist for to long, well it will be time to check that.

Okay Thank You :slight_smile:

Even i am also not receiving ads in my desktop and i don’t know why it’s like that but pls fix it soon.

You are using stable version. For how long? Almost all the month?

Users have reported no ads since the last payout (that matches with the past update).

Yesterday they have lunch a new update, hope this fix that issue for most of users. In mean time if you still have the month issue, download brave nightly, that versión have been receiving ads while (for those users) stable and beta no.

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