"Brave Ads FAQ" needs to be expanded

I’m using Brave Browser for the first time, I’ve started a couple days ago and unfortunatelly the road is bumpy so far (potentially switching from Firefox). When it comes to ads and informations what can cause issues, the official FAQ is not good enough, especially for Linux users. I know we are not first priority users, but still, you are officially supporting it.

I’m using Fedora Workstation 33, and Brave Browser was installed via official method (external repository).

  1. No Wayland support, meaning no ads via notifications. I shouldn’t have to check the github bugs list to learn this. Fedora comes with Wayland enabled by default, and very soon so will the most popular distro - Ubuntu version 21.04. Having this info in FAQ is important.

  2. Not only a Linux issue, but system firewalls. Fedora comes with firewall (firewalld) enabled by default, and I didn’t get any ads, and “new page” ads didn’t work, until I whitelisted a bunch of IPs associated with ads-serve.brave.com on port 80. Please add info which IPs and ports need to be open to get ads. Now I’m getting ads, but I have no idea if I could get more, maybe I didn’t whitelisted enough.

Thanks for reading! Despite some annoying things, I enjoy using Brave so far.


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