Brave AD rewards Act V


Like all the others, i have not receive my rewards for ADS this month.
I am no longer able to see the history of October.

Please fix this issue stat!

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Now that my brave grant has so kindly been sent out TODAY ONLY.

It is now impossible to withraw to Uphold.

What TF, is going on here?

Hi @KeithKrypto,

Thanks for reaching out, and for reporting your experience.

The ads payout is still in progress. The grant that you received is for you to contribute to creators, and cannot be withdrawn to your Uphold wallet.

Thanks for getting back to me.

So why is it that when i try to tip my own YT channel, the tip does not work?

Hi @KeithKrypto,

You can’t tip yourself. Self-tipping is against the Brave TOS, and can be cause for automatic suspension.

The Grants are meant for tipping other verified creators.

Let us know if there’s anything else that I can help to answer!

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