HELP! 2 Months Without Creators Payout

Hello @steeven My Brave creator payouts are still pending it’s been 2 months now
even you told me that you are Reviewing my issue still nothing changed.
my account is verified and connected to uphold.
I’m feeling helpless and losing faith n trust in Brave
and your post shows this Brave Creators Payout Status :red_circle: : Complete. ?

I hope this you’ll take my problem seriously.

Hey there, how did you get all those BAT Tokens? Have you been Self Tipping yourself using your own devices?

It is against the ToS and may get your whole account banned. I viewed your YouTube channel and it doesn’t make sense how you got all those BATs without self tipping.

Actually those are not from self tipping
Actually there’s a time when I actively uploaded on my YouTube channel but that channel got multiple strikes on it, then i started again with this in month of April or may I uploaded videos weekly but due to some personal reason most of the videos in this channel are private then I started using YouTube shorts with random stuff in it and I’m not active also now days.
These all tokens are acqumulated by my friends n family members. I hope this will clear things out.

Closing. Resolved in DM.