When will I get my reward, it is already october 8th

I thought payment occurs every 7th of a month.

Not for the creator account, likely 13th or something. Lots of tipping for a first time user who didn’t even know the right payout date.


Thanks, I have been collecting for a long time but wasn’t able do finish the verification of my uphold account until very recently.

What I meant was it will be seen very suspicious from Brave, surely will be a rewiew of the account, and since the last days restrictions developments you could face a ban, but probably next month many creators will do the same. I predict a massive self tipping this month that never be paid.

This is just around $100USD, and I did not tip myself, the sites are legit.

Yeah, but I didn’t say that, I talked in relation to the new restrictions, there will bring users to try to withdraw from the creator account and too many tips will be seen as suspicious.

Got my reward on Uphold today, but that Exchange is the crappiest I’ve ever had to deal with, the withdrawal process is so utterly complicated and non intuitive, and my “selfie verification” doesn’t work…
Pretty much everything is done to avoid you from getting to your tokens.

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