No rewards for Febuary

I have a problem, I didn’t have the payment for February. I am asking for help in this matter. It will be my first payment. Where is 24 B.A.T.s for me. :angry:

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I did not even see in the statement the 5 BAT I tipped myself last month. BAT I earned from ads.

Are you asking as a publisher, referencing the February 8th payout? Or are you asking as a user, referring to tokens earned from viewing ads?

You should not be tipping yourself – this is a very easy way to trip our anti-fraud system. Instead of tipping yourself, please verify you wallet with Uphold in order to withdraw/transfer funds.

The first one.I have a brave browser since September and in January I verified my account on uphold. I am still waiting . I read a post about frozen funds or something like that.

From viewing ads

So, if I earn BAT from viewing ads I cannot tip them to my youtube channel? I remember seeing somewhere in the Brave website that only grants are not allowed to be tipped to self. My uphold wallet is already verified. I have already received BAT payment there from you guys. I don’t have an option to withdraw directly to my uphold wallet on my mobile. Do you know why?

Thank you
Sorry for me.:cocktail:

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