Bottom menu bar customization

In brave android: The bottom menu bar has 4 quick options: Home, bookmark, Search, Tabs, and menu.

Have the ability to reorder and replace the 4 quick options with options from the menu. Think android home screen’s quick app at the bottom

This would give brave a completive advantage, because no user has the same needs and wants, and it is impossible for any mix of quick options to please every person.

Some people don’t bookmark, other don’t use home, but others find these quick buttons necessary.

Personally I have never used home and Search, but having have quick access to both back and forward buttons is essential. it is so frustrating every time I (intentionally or not) click back, just to have to dig through the menu to go back forward. And though, I can swipe left [back] and right [forward], Androids gesture navigation, unless disabled, overrides this making both swipes left and right the same [android system, back]

Being autistic it is essential for me to have routine. I’ve used computer web browsers for 30 years every one has quick access to both back and forward.

Space is limited please allow all of us to choose which options we want one click away.

Thank you

g to Brave? Don’t just tell us what you want - a lot of people want a lot of things. Instead, state your requested feature and state your case for why it should be seriously considered. You’re much more likely to get feedback from the team this way._
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Yes, I would like to have something like a toggle for bookmarks.

But but Android allows you back buttons on the bottom of the screen built into the operating system already, or alternatively you can use the screen sides of to swipe back.

Wouldn’t adding this to brave stack the features rendering them redundant…?